Yoga Sutra 1.24

1.24 The Self is the universal soul. It is unaffected by afflictions and untouched by actions, although it abides in the individual person.

What an incredibly beautiful concept. We tend to live in a somewhat absent-minded existence, a level of consciousness that is influenced by emotional pain and fear. It’s both challenging and freeing to recognize that below that, a layer deeper, we have a universal non-reactive soul. That our Self is related to, and in, all other selves. That tapping into that space opens the door to the beauty of life. When we see the presence that rests behind the fear and pain, we can become at peace. That space exists in each individual person.

Today I’ll practice glimpsing at the universal soul. When I find myself seeing beauty, or taking a deep breath, I’ll revel in the simple, yet deep beauty of the present.


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