Yoga Sutra 1.23

1.23 However, one may attract profound grace through wholehearted detachment, and immersion in the self.

The word detachment tends to arouse mixed feelings in most people. When Patanjali speaks of detachment, he’s not referring to shutting or stuffing down emotion. Nor is he referring to emotionless indifference. Rather, the reference is to not clinging, or holding onto anything. As the cliché goes, the only constant is change, and this sutra fully embodies that. Detachment, and immersion in the Self, are two sides of the same coin. In order to take action on one, we must be taking action on the other. We fully immerse ourselves in our true Self, and attachment falls away.

Today I will practice non-clinging when things aren’t going my way, or I’m feeling my ego try to take control. I’ll practice looking in. I’ll recognize the issue as ego clinging, and relax into the space of recognition.


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