Yoga Sutra 1.22

1.22 There is also a differentiation in progress between those who are keen, average, or merely fickle in their practice.

As it is with any practice, our progress is contingent on the effort we put in. My own practice ebbs and flows. Sometimes I’m practicing daily and sitting with patience and tolerance for myself. Other times, I sit down to meditate and it’s excruciating to be in my own head, and I get up. The work is to sit down regardless, get out my mat when I would prefer to be sleeping. Breathe into the present moment when I would rather be daydreaming. Embrace the uncomfortable regularly, and it becomes natural.

Today I will practice. I won’t think about tomorrow’s practice, or whether I need to do this for the rest of my life. I will look only at today, and I will practice asana, and meditation. My daily mantra will be, “baby steps”.


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