Yoga Sutra 1.21

1.21 Those who are very intense in practice and are quick to understand, will reach the goal quickly.

I’m learning to play the piano right now, and I’m loving every second. I can see results quickly and making progress is easily trackable. My meditation practice doesn’t feel quite like that. Even after years of practice, sometimes I sit down with a busy mind and it races for the whole session. Occasionally I will hear the gong at the end of the practice, and realize it’s the only time I’ve been present since I sat down. It’s certainly easier to find presence today then it was at the beginning, but the willingness to practice with intensity can still be an internal battle. The goal I reach for, that this sutra refers to, is progress. Progress and willingness. If my goal is enlightenment, or nirvana, my ego always gets in the way. As is with every spiritual practice, we reach for progress, not perfection.

Today I will cut myself some slack. I will recognize when I make progress and I will give thanks to the universe for opening the doors of opportunity.


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