Yoga Sutra 1.17

1.17 Through self-inquiry the practitioner gains insight, but eventually all mental logic must come to an end in bliss. Following that, is the comprehension that all is the self. (yoga)

This is a pretty deep teaching and the application of this sutra can feel seemingly impossible.  Fear not, all we need to do is strive toward these teachings. We gain insight through self inquiry, and through this process, we learn to universalize the Self. We learn to recognize that we are one with every person, place, thing. It’s reassuring to know, from a non-enlightened person’s perspective, that mental logic will come to an end in bliss. Bliss, I look forward to.

Today when I become frustrated or annoyed, I’ll remember that we are all reaching toward the same goal, and that we are all part of the same Self, which is the essence of yoga.


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