Yoga Sutra 1.15

1.15 In becoming the master of one’s own intellect, one can encounter and object of enjoyment without attachment, and be content.

This is an ideal I strive toward daily. The idea that I can enjoy something or someone without becoming attached is a foreign but freeing concept. I tend to work in extremes, so when I love something/someone my tendency is to do it fully and passionately, to the point of exhaustion or codependency. Turns out it’s challenging to find contentment when I put energy into a parasitic relationship with anything. Learning to love fully without becoming attached is the work.  The way to become a master is continuous, steady effort, and the end result is freedom.

Today I will practice love without attachment. This isn’t to say I’ll love with only half my heart or with a guarded heart. Rather, I’ll practice loving with an open heart and mind, and let my sense of need and security go. I’ll give up control and pray for the gift of non-attachment.


2 thoughts on “Yoga Sutra 1.15

    • kedegruy says:

      Always have ideas! The cues that I was given at the beginning of my meditation practice were things like…
      -While in seated meditation, follow your breath. When you notice you’re mind is drifting, say thinking, and come back to the breath. Never be harsh with yourself, just notice.
      -Throughout the day when you’re feeling overwhelmed or “not in your body”, gently bring your awareness to the feeling of your stomach. Soften whatever you’re holding there. Let your belly be calm and your mind will follow.
      -When listening to someone else, practice active listening. Do not compare what they are saying to your past experience. Do not feel as though you need to fill silence. Just listen with an open mind and heart.
      Let me know how those go, and I’ll give you some more 🙂

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