Yoga Sutra 1.13

1.13 Steadiness in the practice requires continuous effort.

This is true with everything. In order to find a sense of steadiness, we must do things over and over again, even when we feel like quitting. For instance, as an adult, I’m learning to play the piano. I’ve always considered myself musically inclined and learning a new language of music is a surprisingly challenging process. My decision to practice on a regular basis is why I see improvement. Even though I’m playing seemingly simple pieces of music that my ego wants to say are easy and boring, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I recognize the progress I’m making.  Similarly, when I practice meditation and the asana practice of yoga on a daily basis, a sense of progression resonates within me.

Today I will practice. I will choose not to be so hard on myself and take the necessary steps for progress, not expecting perfection.


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