Yoga Sutra 1.12

1.12 The repeated practice of detachment is the key to developing stillness in the constant fluctuations of the mind.

Detachment is a word that frequently has negative connotations associated with it. We tend to think of emotional detachment as another way of saying closed off to emotion, cold. I know that place well. It’s one of my favored defense mechanisms. That being said, this is not the definition of detachment this sutra is referring to. In fact, all this is saying is that we don’t have to believe and buy everything that we think. Our mind, emotions, and thoughts fluctuate. That is the natural human condition. The problem is when we begin to believe all the garbage our minds tell us.

Today I will practice the art of detachment. I will observe my thoughts, feel my emotions, and be in my body, yet I will accept that these things do not make me who I am. I will not identify my sense of self by them.


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