Yoga Sutra 1.3

1.3 When this technique is mastered, the practitioner is able to keep a steady focus inside on his or her own true nature, the Self.

One of my teachers speaks of our expectation of serenity when we calm the mind. She says that the opposite is in fact true. When we calm the mind, we give all of the skeletons that have been hiding in there an opportunity to come out. Remembering that this is not permanent; that clearing the way to one’s true nature is sometimes a challenging path, is the  inspiration to unroll my mat every day. We have to remind ourselves that the goal is steady focus and patience with my practice, not thoughtless mind.

Today in meditation, I will let go of expectations. I will let my mind be free to be in its natural state. When I find myself wandering, I will smile, say “thinking”, and come back to the breath.


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