Yoga Sutra 1.2

1.2 The main goal of yoga is to quiet one’s mind.

We tend to take statements like this too literally and give up without instant results. To some, the main goal of writing a book is to become published. Before that happens however, one must write the book.  There’s the daily effort to write, when one would rather be doing anything else. Then the process of going through necessary changes and edits and beginning a sometimes grueling process of finding a company to publish your work.   It’s no overnight operation. The same goes for yoga. We can’t expect to take a few months of asana classes and have a quiet mind. This is a long-term, life goal. It’s sometimes an unpleasant process. Perhaps you’d rather sleep than unroll your mat, but just as every page of writing gets you closer to the finished book, every sun salutation, every day of dedication, brings you closer to a quiet mind.

Today when I become frustrated, I will remember that this is no overnight process. I will be patient, and I will keep coming back to my mat.


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